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Show Your Pet How Much You Care
We love our pets more than ever. They are no longer just a diversion. In fact, they have become like children in the home for many of us. From the stories that Healthypet visitors share with us, it seems that you feel the same way. Pets entertain us, make us laugh, . . . .
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When your pet eats things that aren't food
Does your cat nibble your wool sweaters down to fuzzy nubs? If he does, you're not alone. Enough animals eat nonfood materials that the behavior has been given a name—pica. . . . .
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Cats are fairly self-sufficient at grooming themselves. They use a scratching post to keep their claws in check. They lick and clean themselves every day to clean dirt from their . . . .
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This is a great site for opportunities to ask questions. Chase had a hip replacement at age 4 by Dr. Dunbar. He's now nearly 9 and still doing FANTASTIC! Again, thanks for the info. - Pamela

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