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Ear Infection
Ear infections are very common in cats. Cats can get a few different types of ear infections (other than ear mites). They can get infections due to a bacteria or fungi; this type is generally called Otitis Externa. They can also get ear infections caused by yeast cells in the . . . .
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Heart Disease
Cats rarely have typical 'heart attacks' that we humans are so familiar with. However, cats can have what are called cardiomyopathies or diseases of the heart muscle. Such diseases . . . .
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Vomiting is the involuntary and forceful expulsion of some or all of the stomach contents by reversal of peristalsis, the normal muscular contractions of the stomach.

Cats . . . .
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This is a great site for opportunities to ask questions. Chase had a hip replacement at age 4 by Dr. Dunbar. He's now nearly 9 and still doing FANTASTIC! Again, thanks for the info. - Pamela

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