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ReproductionThere are many aspects to reproductive medicine.  Our veterinarians are trained to assist in everything from testing and selection of potential breeding animals to whelping and cesarean sections.

We enjoy working with breeders, particularly of show and field trial animals.  We help them screen for heritable disease so the healthiest and most ideal individuals can be selected to breed.  Some of the screening we frequently incorporate are brucellosis testing, PENN Hip and OFA.

We can also assist with difficult to breed animals.  Utilizing Progesterone testing and vaginal cytology allows us to determine optimum time of breeding.  We can also microscopically evaluate semen samples to determine viability and quality, which aids in the success of obtaining pregnancy.  

Once appropriate breeding animals have been chosen, our veterinarians can help with the breeding process itself.  We perform everything from semen collection to artificial insemination.  Artificial insemination can be accomplished in many ways and we offer conventional insemination as well as surgical implantation.  These offerings make it more plausible to accomplish breeding of the best match from anywhere in the world, without having to ship your dog anywhere!

Additionally, our staff regularly performs cesarean sections and assisted whelping on planned or emergency cases.  We utilize the safest and most up-to-date anesthetic protocols to produce the most ideal outcome for mom and pups!  If you have any questions regarding our reproductive medicine program, don't hesitate to contact us!