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Dr. Dunbar Fixed in 2024!
(A total of 209 knees were fixed in 2023)
TPLO vs CBLO - Which one should my dog have?

Welcome to Packerland Veterinary Center! We are the leaders in pet health in the Green Bay area, offering personalized and state of the art care for dogs, cats, and exotic pets. We are committed to creating a relationship with families to help them provide the best care for their pets, from routine wellness plans to senior pet care and everything in between.

Not only does Packerland offer the best care in the Green Bay area, we also accept referrals from other veterinarians. Whether it is utilizing the underwater treadmill for physical therapy, the need for advanced diagnostics or orthopedic services, Packerland will work in conjunction with your current veterinarian to ensure your pet receives the specialized care that is needed.

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Pet Bone and Joint Services

Bone and Joint

Packerland Veterinary Center is your local expert for orthopedic care. We have advanced training and expertise in a wide range of orthopedic conditions such as ACL Disease, Hip Dysplasia, Fractures, and Spinal injury. We strive to diagnose difficult orthopedic conditions efficiently and offer the most up to date treatment options including Stem Cell Therapy. With our level of experience, you can feel confident that your pet's orthopedic care is in the best hands.
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TPLO vs CBLO - Which


Which one should my dog have?

For over 20 years we had been recommending and performing the TPLO procedure for active or larger breed patients with ACL injuries. The TPLO procedure consistently provided significantly better results versus other osteotomy based or extra-articular type procedures. Approximately 5 years ago, however, our recommendations changed to a newer procedure, the CBLO. Both procedures correct the angle of the tibia which subsequently stabilizes the abnormal motion of knee found in ACL patients, but CBLO is superior for several reasons.
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