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PRP - Platelet Rich Plasma

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a trending topic in human sports & orthopedic medicine and, with the help of Ardent Animal Health, we have been able to bring this innovative treatment option to the veterinary side of medicine to help our patients as well.  Platelets that are found in normal whole blood contain many healing growth factors and bioactive proteins.  These proteins can initiate tissue healing and assist with inflammation and now we have the ability to harness and amplify these effects.  This treatment is safe, affordable and is a quick, non-surgical, same-day procedure.  

On the day of initial collection, a sample of blood is taken from your pet.  We then use a process to concentrate and activate the platelet portion of the blood to help accelerate the healing properties of the isolated growth factors.  The pet is then typically given a light sedative to allow for injection directly into the area(s) of concern. By providing high doses of the body’s own healing factors directly to the area where they are needed we can help treat orthopedic injury, arthritis or even wounds.

The other advantage of PRP is that we often get more sample than can be administered in one treatment.  This remaining PRP can be saved and stored in clinic for up to 90 days.  Many protocols involving acute injury or chronic arthritis concerns involve a recommendation of one injection into the area(s) of concern every 3-4 weeks for a period of time.  This extra sample often affords us the ability to administer several follow-up booster treatments at just a fraction of the initial processing cost.

While PRP is not going to cure severe cases of orthopedic disease or injury, it can significantly benefit pets that have an early injury or issue that hasn’t reached the point where surgery is necessary or can help with comfort and function in patients where surgery is simply not an option.  We have also seen wonderful results in patients with chronic arthritis and mobility issues.  The treatment protocol recommendations vary between patients, but our doctors will examine your pet and help formulate a plan to see if PRP is right for your pet.