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Cat Acne

catbeingpetDoes your cat have the following symptoms on their chin?
• Scabbing
• Black specs
• Red bumps
• Pimples
Your cat may have cat acne. For treatment your cat should always be examined by a veterinarian to be sure that this is the problem and that there is no secondary skin infection going on. At times you may see bloody drainage coming from the chin.
This is usually caused by an allergy. The first recommendation may be to switch all of your cat’s plastic dishes to stainless steel dishes. Be sure to clean the stainless steel dishes daily to weekly depending on the severity of the problem. Plastic dishes can harbor bacteria, therefore causing the acne problem.
Treatments usually include topical medications or antibiotics to treat a potential skin infection. This may be a life-long problem for your cat, so be sure to get advice on treatment from your veterinarian.