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PhoviaPhovia is an innovative, clinically proven light therapy system for dogs and cats. This two-part system is comprised of an LED lamp and a chromophore gel that, when used together, produce multi-wavelength fluorescent light energy that can penetrate the skin to variable depths. Unlike other systems, Phovia is capable of triggering different beneficial responses at different layers. It has shown to be helpful in speeding the resolution of acute and chronic skin diseases including: chronic wounds, acute traumatic wounds, perianal fistulas, interdigital cysts/furunculosis, lick granulomas, and pyoderma.

Phovia is a quick, non-invasive therapy that simply involves placing the gel on the affected area, treating with light for 2 minutes and then repeating the procedure with fresh gel to complete the treatment.  It is free from any discomfort or side-effects and requires no sedation.  Phovia helps relieve pain and inflammation, making pets more comfortable quickly.