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Most pets will be afflicted by some type of skin condition at least once in their lifetime.  Skin conditions can arise from allergies, reactions to parasites, infections or even cancers.  Our veterinarians have the most up to date training in how to diagnose and treat these conditions and many more!

Common symptoms include:
  • Itching
  • Hair Loss
  • Flaking or Crusting
  • Skin or Ear Odor
  • Lumps and Bumps
  • Redness

Many dermatologic conditions will have similar presentation and it may be necessary to perform testing to confirm a specific diagnosis.  Due to our extensive in-house laboratory we are able to quickly diagnose and treat your pet right here in the clinic.  

A frequent cause of skin conditions in pets are allergies.  Just like people, our pets can have allergies to things in the environment (pollens, molds, dust mites), food ingredients (mainly proteins) or even parasites (fleas).  Unlike people, pets most often display their allergy symptoms primarily through their skin.  Symptoms can range from seasonal to chronic feet licking and ear and skin infections to severe itching and hair loss.

We offer a blood test that will determine what type of sensitivity the pet has to various environmental and food factors.  Often pets are allergic to multiple factors that are difficult to control, so simple avoidance is often not an option.  While there is no way to cure allergies, we do have many tools to help limit recurrence of symptoms and keep pets comfortable.  If you are concerned your pet may have allergies our staff would be happy to work with you to diagnose and find a treatment plan that works!