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Routine Surgical Services

Routine Surgical Services

Packerland provides a full range of routine surgical services for your pet including Spay, Neuter and Declaw procedures. Because we know that your pet is a member of the family, we strive to provide the same care for them as you would expect for yourself. All of our routine procedures come as part of a package which allows us to provide important standard of care components that ensure your pet is safe and comfortable during and following their procedure. While anesthesia does not come without risks, we do our best to minimize those risks by catering our anesthetic protocol to each individual patient and providing the most up to date surgical practices and care procedures.

Our packages include:

Pre-Anesthetic Bloodwork

All of our packages provide a minimal pre-anesthetic blood screening which allows us to look for pre-existing problems that may affect anesthesia. Even young animals can have organ or blood abnormalities that may not otherwise be detectable without bloodwork.

Fluid Therapy

All of our patients receive fluid therapy during their procedure. This not only helps flush the system of the anesthetics, but also helps maintain blood pressure, aids in oxygen delivery and gives us direct access in the event emergency medications are needed.

Pain Management

It is very important to us that our patients are as comfortable as possible during and after their surgical procedures. Less pain equates to less stress which, in turn, will allow for better healing. All of our surgical procedures include appropriate pain management therapy both in house and to go home.

Saftishield (Ecollar)

This may not be your pet's favorite, but it serves a very important job by preventing self damage following a surgical procedure. We recommend each patient wear one following surgery as it is impossible to know which pets will cause infection or even open up their incision, causing the need for additional surgery.

Therapeutic Laser

Our cold laser unit is used on each patient following routine surgical procedures. The laser helps to reduce pain and inflammation in your pet and stimulates cells to begin the healing process.

In addition to our package components, we also offer a few optional components to our clients:

Laser Surgery

Surgical laser can replace the use of a blade for cutting during surgical procedures. The laser cauterizes blood vessels as it cuts, reducing overall bleeding and the need for a tourniquet during declaw procedures. Additionally, laser helps reduce inflammation and pain which promotes an easier overall recovery.

Local Anesthesia

We offer an additional level of pain management for our surgical patients in the form of a local pain block procedure. Similar to a pain block you would receive at the dentist, we can inject a local anesthetic into the surgical site to help our patients be more comfortable post-op. We offer a standard block that helps eliminate pain during the day of the procedure and also a long-lasting block that works continuously for 3 days.

Upgraded Bloodwork

All of our procedures include a minimal level of pre-anesthetic bloodwork screening, but if you have a concern or desire the most information, we have several upgrade options available. Occasionally, due to age or other circumstances our doctors may suggest or even require a more comprehensive blood panel.