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Dental disease and your pet

Periodental DiseaseEver wonder why your pet's breath can seem to clear a room with a single yawn? Well, if your pets mouth looks like this, chances are the reason is due to periodontal disease.

Periodontal disease affects over 85% of all pets by the time they are three years old, and can affect everything from your pet's gums to his or her heart, liver, or kidneys. Gum disease results from the accumulation of bacteria on the surfaces of teeth around the gums. This bacteria (present in plaque and tartar) will irritate the gums and can cause abscesses or bone loss. Most often owners notice bad breath, but dental disease can also cause oral pain and loss of appetite, loose or missing teeth, and the spread of bacteria from the mouth into the blood stream (which can cause infection of other organs). If your furry friend's mouth looks like the picture above, a dental cleaning is the best bet for initial management. If your pet happens to need more advanced dental care we are happy to inform you that we can accommodate this. Packerland Veterinary Center has recently started working with Dr. Dale Kressin. Dr. Kressin is a Board Certified veterinary oral surgeon who has been coming to PVC to help our patients who require more complicated dental care. He can perform procedures such as dental radiographs and root canals right here in the clinic so you don't have to travel to a different city to get your pets the care they need. If your pet has mild dental disease or just had a cleaning, you may be able to manage him/her at home with oral care. Brushing is best, but dental chews or foods (ie CET chews or Hill's t/d diet) can also help. The veterinarians at Packerland Veterinary Center are more than happy to work with you to formulate an oral health plan for you and your pets.