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The Importance of Heartworm Preventative

HeartwormIt's about that time again- the time of year most Wisconsinites look forward to with a mixture of dread and excitement: Mosquito Season (aka Summer). Other than being annoying, itchy little pests, mosquitoes are also carriers of heartworms. Heartworms are parasites that invade the heart and can cause heart failure, allergic lung disease, clots in the lungs, and organ failure. If untreated, they will result in the death of your pet. Once a dog or cat has heartworm disease, the treatment is very risky (may result in your pet dying) and is very expensive ($1000s, not $100s). Fortunately, there is a very easy way to prevent this disease in your beloved pooch or kitty: monthly heartworm preventative. Compared to the cost of treatment (both financially and emotionally), monthly preventative is fairly inexpensive ($7-10 per month here at PVC) and easy to give- either as a flavored chew/tablet, or an injection that lasts for 6 months.

We recommend year-round heartworm prevention as outlined by the American Heartworm Society in their standards of care. The Society recommends continuing heartworm preventatives for 3-4 months after the last mosquito is seen. In Wisconsin, we have seen mosquitoes in our houses in November, and can see them as early as February or March, depending on the seasons. Because of this, it is best for your pet to have coverage with preventative year-round. Our staff is very familiar with the options available for heartworm preventative- if you have any questions, please let us know!