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Invisible Fence – Creating Boundaries Inside Your Home

When people hear about Invisible Fence, they typically first think of a way to keep dogs in the yard. However, there are more options with the Invisible Fence products. Most people do not know that there is also an option for use in the home. An Invisible Fence system inside the home is made up of discs that can be placed in any location(s) that you don’t want your pet to go. You can set each disc individually to decide how far you would like to keep your pet from that particular area. You can also have as many discs as you desire. The discs are “connected” to the collar on your pet.

The Invisible Fence is a great idea to help train your pet to stay off counters or tables, stay away from plants and Christmas trees, keep out of the garbage, or to stay out of a general area.

Once placing the discs in the desired location(s), your pet will need to be trained. The Invisible Fence company has trainers that will come to your home to help you with the training process, which will take weeks- months to completely have your pet trained. Their trainers use positive reinforcement to help teach your pet where they can and can’t go inside your home. That way they understand and stay within the boundaries you establish. catintree

If the collar is within range of a disc, a warning tone will emit from the collar along with a gentle, but effective, static correction. This does not hurt them at all. It is recommended to have some time off from the collars to prevent sores from the prongs constantly touching your pet’s neck.

Occasionally, your pet might try to push their boundaries. If your pet continues to do this, contact the Invisible fence company. They can slightly increase the static correction if needed.

If you would like more information about Invisible Fence for in your home, please contact them at:
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