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New treatment and prevention options for fleas and ticks

TicksThis month we have a PSA for you dog owners out there. How many of you use flea and tick prevention but wish you didn't have to grease up your dog's back once a month? Or how about the water loving dog that essentially washes off their prevention when they are in the pool or pond every day? Lucky for you, there are other options. The makers of Heartgard (Merial) and Revolution (Zoetis) now offer once monthly chewable preventatives for fleas and ticks. Nexgard and Simparica are both edible options to protect your pooch from the little crawlies that no one wants in their house or on their fur baby. Nexgard is a soft flavor chew similar to Heartgard and Simparica is a flavored chewable tablet. If you are interested in trying a chewable, let us know- we can provide your first dose for free.