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Pet Insurance

Pet InsurancePet insurance is something that has been around for awhile, but we don't see it in use too often here at Packerland Vet. For this reason, we wanted to bring it up in case any of you thought it could be helpful. There are several different pet insurance companies out there (Pet Plan and Embrace, to name a couple), and they are all a little different but have the same premise: you choose the specific plan that fits you, pay premiums, and have a portion or all of your veterinary bills reimbursed after your veterinary visit. Pet insurance today helps to cover routine care (vaccines, dewormer), spay and neuter surgeries, dentistry, and more complex problems (orthopedic disease, cancer treatments, emergency clinic visits). From what we've seen, the coverage can vary greatly depending on what you want. Most insurance companies will not cover pre-existing chronic conditions (ie; if your dog has had skin allergies for years), so it is of benefit to you to start your pets on an insurance plan when they are young and have not had the chance to develop a chronic problem. While we do not sell pet insurance, if you have any questions we would be more than happy to help you the next time you stop in!