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Senior Screening Lab Work

Senior ScreeningAs our pets age it is important to keep them happy and healthy. While age is not a disease, with age, unfortunately, comes disease. Any pet over the age of 7 is considered a senior pet. It is important to run screening lab work on your senior pets to keep them happy and healthy for as long as we can.

Why should I run bloodwork on my pet?
Running screening lab work on your pet gives us a good overall look at how their organs are functioning. The hope of running lab work while your pet is still "healthy" is to not only establish a "normal" baseline for your pet, but also to catch disease processes before they become symptomatic.  This enables us to make small, but important adjustments to your pet's care and potentially begin important treatments whether that is a prescription food or a daily medication.

As pets age they become prone to several diseases which include: kidney, liver and thyroid disease as well as diabetes. If we run screening lab work routinely, we can hopefully catch these disease processes before your pet becomes very ill from them. This will help to keep your pet happier and healthier for longer.

What organs are you looking at?
Our discounted senior screening lab work includes a Complete Blood Count, Chemistry Panel, T-4, and Urinalysis.
  • The Complete Blood Count checks the red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets to see if there are signs of anemia, infection, or blood clotting abnormalities.
  • The Chemistry Panel looks at organ function (liver, kidneys, pancreas, etc).
  • The T-4 indicates thyroid function.
  • The Urinalysis looks for concerns such as urinary tract infection, crystals, diabetes and abnormal urine concentration indicating kidney dysfunction.
If your pet is over the age of 7 we would love to discuss the benefits of senior screening lab work!