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Spring cleaning for your pets

Muddy DogIt's that time of year again, the time where all that white stuff finally melts away- or at least we hope so! The downside to all this nice weather is that now our critters have a giant mud puddle in the backyard to play in, as well as sticks, grass clippings and garden soil. If you have a dog that adores the great outdoors, but you're not too thrilled about the mess, we can help! Stacy, our fulltime groomer, was trained at Golden Paws Pet Styling Academy and works on both dogs and cats. We have basic packages for those pets (like Dr. Olson's labs) who just plain like to get dirty and need a bath, all the way up to those who need trims, comb outs or full shaves. And don't forget about your kitty! We have several kitty clients who get lion shaves every summer to help beat the heat (and to spare their owners hours of combing and brushing). If the lion shave isn't for you, Stacy can also help you by getting the matts out of your cat's fur coat.

Having your pet groomed is also a great way to make sure they are feeling well. Stacy will be able to determine if they are sore, if they have any new lumps or bumps, or if their ears or feet have any problems that need to be addressed. If so, she can alert our veterinary staff who can then work with you to resolve any problems that are identified. Stacy is very familiar with the proper grooming care for each specific breed. She will trim your pet any way you choose, and if you feel it is hard to describe, you can bring in a photo and she will be able to match it. By maintaining regular grooming for your pet (every 4-6 weeks), Stacy will remove dirt, matts, and loose hair, keep the nails trimmed and the ears clean. This means less dirt and hair for you around the house. Finally, a well groomed pet is a happy pet- from the smallest kitten to the largest Mastiff, our furry friends know when they are looking good.

Bathing Cat