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Starmark Interactive Dog Toys

Do you have a dog that is easily bored, gets destructive, or can’t keep a toy intact? If you answered yes, then these products are made for your pup. They use food as a motivation via treat and rewards, provide learning/training, encourage interactive play, provide mental stimulation, and provide entertainment for dogs. They were created by certified trainers and behavior specialists. They can provide your dog with hours, sometimes even days, of entertainment depending on how determined your dog is. They are great for pets that are kenneled, when it is raining or snowing, or when it’s just too cold to play outside in our lovely Wisconsin weather. The company offers a 100% money back guarantee and stands by their products. If your Starmark chew toy sustains damage by your dog within 30 days of purchase, Starmark will issue a refund, replacement, or alternative product at their discretion. So if your dog is an aggressive chewer, these products are perfect for you. They have food treat choices for some of the toys, but others you can use your own small treats or your dog’s food if you’d like.  They have 55 different toys currently but they are always adding more.  Check out their website if this is something that sounds like it will be fit for you and you fur baby.  https://www.starmarkacademy.comDog with ball