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Summer Party Tips for Your Pets

Summers are filled with sun, family, friends, and FUN! Barbeques and outdoor parties are very popular in warmer weather. People and pets love to gather and enjoy time together. Here are some tips to make your next party a safe environment for you and your pet.

Many of the food found commonly at parties can be toxic to pets. These include alcohol, fatty foods, meat, sweets, etc. Please tell your guest not to share from their plates. Keep the buffet up high and out of the reach of our four legged friends. Also trash is a very big attraction for pets. Things that can be harmful in the trash include aluminum foil, corn cobs, plastic wrap, wooden skewers, bones, and more. These items can obstruct the gastrointestinal system or cause other serious medical problems for your pet. Please keep all trash covered at all times.

The weather can get hot so make sure there is shade available for your pet and fresh water at all times. Also even a social pet can become overwhelmed at a large gathering. Try to keep an area out of the way where the pet can retreat to and relax as needed.

Loud and unexpected noises can be an extra source of stress for our pets. Fireworks, loud music, singing, thunderstorms, etc. can all trigger fright and even flight in our pets. There are medications we can use to help them through noisy experiences such as Sileo or Trazodone. It may be necessary to find an alternative location for your pet during this part of the party.

Make sure your pet has up to date ID tags and also a microchip. In a crowd of guests at a gathering it may be difficult to know if a pet escapes or runs away.

Finally it is important to make sure your pet is up to date on monthly Heartworm preventative as well as monthly flea and tick preventative. These preventatives help keep your pet healthy and happy.

Please do not hesitate to call Packerland Veterinary Center with any concerns regarding pets and parties. Have a safe and wonderful summer! dogbeggingforfood