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Dog Popsicles

OK, ok. Talking about popsicles in the winter seems odd, but as winter continues and cabin fever sets in, pet owners need to be creative on how to entertain their fur babies during these long cold days. That is why I want to talk about popsicles. These delicious treats can help entertain our pets during these long winter days. Popsicles do not have to be store bought. So, get the family together and create some fun treats. The best part of making homemade popsicles is that you can make them as large or small as you would like and you can add any yummy ingredients and treats your pets love (just make sure any ingredients you add is pet safe.) 

Here is an easy recipe you could try. Take some watermelon (seedless), a little honey and some water. Blend together until smooth. Then, all you need to do is pour into a silicone mold/popsicle mold and add their favorite dog bone as the stick. Once frozen, your pet can enjoy.

Remember to help fight off cabin fever by being creative and making your own popsicles. Your pets will love these homemade snacks filled with their favorite treats. dog popsicle