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How to Walk a Small Breed Dog on a Leash

Walking is a great form of exercise for any pet. In addition, it gives you and your pet special bonding time together. Depending on how your pet walks on their feet, (toe-walker or heel-walker) walking can also cut back on the need for nail trims. How do you get a small breed to walk though?

Tip #1: Use a short leash. We don’t recommend using flexi-leads. A short leash will give you more control and it is safer for both you and your pet.

Tip #2: Start by attaching their leash while playing. This will allow them to get used to something hanging from their collar or harness. Creating a fun environment while your pet is learning will make this training a positive experience for everyone.

Tip #3: Once they are used to that, have them come to you while you are loosely holding onto the leash. Start off with short distances. Yummy treats, favorite toys, and calling them will help entice them to come to you and understand that they must come with a leash on. Do not yank or pull on the leash. This could scare or startle your pet and make leashes/walks not so great. Eventually you will increase the distance of walking and you will no longer need to call your pet to get them to follow you.

Tip #4: Consistency is key. If you are in a rush and need to get back somewhere, don’t pick them up. They will learn that if they don’t want to go anywhere, they can just stop and mom/dad will pick them up. Small breed dogs are so easy to pick up if you need to get somewhere fast, look cute in bags, and are cute in general so you want to snuggle and hold them as much as possible. That may be true, but then you are taking away the benefits of walking.

Training them will take time. Your pet most likely will not pick it up right away, so be patient and keep working at it!Yorkie on leash