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The Interesting Habits of Rabbits

RabbitsSeasoned rabbit owners may already know the following information, however we do get a lot of questions concerning this topic. For many dogs, this is a behavior that irritates owners to no end, but for bunnies it is an important step in their survival. What is this behavior? Poop eating. Rabbits will eat their poop during the night, and this poop even has a special name - night feces. Night feces are smaller, softer, and sweeter-smelling than their day counterparts (but you may want to take our word for it in regards to that last one). These feces have an important nutritional value - they have higher levels of vitamins B and K, twice the protein, and half the fiber of hard feces. The process of eating and digesting these stools gives bunnies a second chance at getting previously undigested nutrients. So, if you notice your rabbit behaving in this way during the night, you can rest assured that it is a perfectly normal thing. In fact, only healthy rabbits do this, so be happy if your pet participates: it means your bunny is perfectly fine!