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Microchipping Other Species of Animals

When you think of microchipping animals, usually the first type of animal that comes to mind is a dog or cat, right? Well what people don’t realize is you can microchip any type of animal from rabbits to horses. If the animal is special enough to you and you don’t want anything to happen to him or her, you can have peace of mind with a microchip. One that’s slowly becoming more and more popular is microchipping horses. The horse world is a very big community spanning across the entire globe. Unfortunately, also in that industry, there’s horses stolen and resold on a daily basis. Sometimes those horses don’t have any special markings or scars to prove you own that horse. Yes, there is branding but branding can be covered, or it fades with time. There’s also tattooing of the inside upper lip, but like the brand, it can fade over time just like a person’s tattoo. Microchipping can be a more permanent device to prove that horse is yours. Unlike dogs and cats where the microchip is inserted between the shoulder blades; horses you insert them about half way down the left side of their neck and about a hand width down from the hairline right under the skin. If inserted properly you should be able to feel a little bump about an inch long. One of the most common brands of chips is Home Again. Home Again allows you to list multiple kinds of animals that you microchipped. I personally have microchipped both my horses, a couple of my goats and of course my dogs and cats. If you plan on microchipping any other species of pets, I would recommend talking to your vet on where they believe the microchip should be placed (whether between the shoulder blades or a different specific spot like they do on horses). Microchips can give you the peace of mind in knowing that if you ever lose a pet that there’s a better chance that they can find their way home. horsemicrochip