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Multiple Cats = Multiple Litterboxes

Having more than one cat can be fun and highly entertaining! But along with the fun, there can be challenges. Every cat chooses a favorite sunny spot or hiding place in the home. They may even have a favorite litterbox. The typical rule of thumb is to have one more litterbox than cats.

As with anything in life, if you have a favorite of something, you tend to guard it. Well, our feline friends do the same, which can lead to litterbox problems. A guarded litterbox can cause a cat to choose to eliminate where there is no box. litterbox2

The placement of the litterboxes are equally important. The gold standard is to have a box on every level in the home. Appliances can come on suddenly and startle the cat away. That can also lead to eliminating inappropriately. High traffic areas can also be an issue. We all need our privacy!

Pay attention to your pet’s habits. Observation can head off behavior troubles and make for a happy long life with many furry friends.