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Slime: Keep the Dogs Away

SlimeNow that the holiday season is over and everyone is settling down with their new 'toys', we wanted to warn you about a new threat: slime.   Slime is a recently popular substance that kids and dogs alike seem to love (think Play Doh that is more runny and shiny).  Unfortunately, slime can contain chemicals that aren't so great for our pooches, and the home-made variety can be particularly harmful.  Slimes can contain the following dangers for your pets:

Laundry detergent - If your pet ingests the slime and then vomits, he/she could inhale some of the material that is thrown up.  If laundry detergent is inhaled into the lungs, it can cause aspiration pneumonitis (lung inflammation and pneumonia), which can be deadly.  

Salt - Ingesting a large amount of salt will cause sodium toxicity that results in stomach upset, troubles walking, seizures, and possibly death.  

Borax - most commonly ingested in small amounts due to the small amount required in these products and, as a result, generally cause mild stomach upset.  In high amounts it can cause kidney disease and require hospitalization (yes, Labradors and Beagles, we're talking about you because who else would eat a box of Borax).  

If your animal happens to snatch up any of the slime that has been left on the table or dropped on the floor,   please call us or Animal Poison Control if we happen to be closed, for guidance on how to proceed.