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Stem Cell Therapy and Your Pet

Stem Cell TherapyFor those of you who haven't heard, we at Packerland Veterinary Center are excited to be bringing new medical technology to the Green Bay area that will help to manage chronic pain in your pets. This new treatment is Stem Cell Therapy. A lot of our patients suffer from chronic arthritis which has a major impact on their daily lives. Stem Cell Therapy allows us to drastically cut down the pain and inflammation that is present in the joints, resulting in a much better quality of life for your pet (dogs and cats alike). Unlike the controversial stem cells (embryonic), these stem cells are actually taken from your pets fat cells. We harvest fat from your pet, process it to separate out the stem cells, and then inject these cells into the problem areas. So far we have witnessed dramatic results: dogs that could hardly stand up on their own are now bounding up stairs and acting like a puppy again. If you think that your pet could benefit from this type of therapy, our veterinarians would be happy to provide you with a free consultation at any time.