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A New Method of Enrichment for Your Cat

NoBowl Feeding SystemYou may have seen our recent Facebook post on treat balls for cats. Did you know that outdoor or feral cats hunt between 9-20 times per day? This hunting activity provides the cat with food (obviously) but also with the mental stimulation that a cat needs to stay healthy. There are many ways to provide this type of activity, and one new option is the NoBowl Feeding Systemâ„¢. This is a product that provides you with 5 feeders to fill with food and hide around your house (there is a slight training time that would be needed). This way, your cat can fulfill the need for hunting and play. It is also a great way to slow down the kitty that inhales its food and almost immediately throws it back up. The system aids in portion control and can help with weight loss programs. Packerland Veterinary Center is now carrying this system and we would love to talk more about it with you! Keep an eye out for a Facebook video showing off our cats trying this out!