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Fun Turtle Facts

Here are some fun and interesting facts about pet turtles you may not know:

1) Pet turtles can live for a very long time. Depending on their breed, they can live 15 - 50 + years.
2) A turtle’s shell is not an exoskeleton, but a modified rib cage.
3) Turtles are not silent. They actually make a range of noises.
4) Turtles live in semi-aquatic environments, so they require both water and land.
5) Contact with turtles can be a source of human Salmonella infections. Always remember to wash your hands after handling turtles.
6) Most turtles are omnivores, meaning they eat both meat and plants.
7) Female turtles can lay eggs without male turtles around. These eggs are infertile and will not hatch.
8) Turtle shells have nerve endings in them, so when you touch the shell, the turtle can feel it.
9) Turtles recognize their owners by site and sounds.

I hope you all enjoyed these turtle facts as much as we do! turtle