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Get Your Puppy or Kitten Vet Visit Ready

Spring is coming soon and many families are thinking of adding a furry friend to their family. While the cute fuzzy faces will make your heart melt and play time is paramount, this time will lend itself to a golden opportunity for gentle training.

Think of all the things your veterinarian will need to look at in the appointments to come. Their eyes, ears, body and paws will be gently looked at and touched in one manner or another. The things you do now will set the stage for successful visits with your vet.

You can use a favorite treat and gentle words to train your pet to accept holding their head to gaze into their loving eyes. Look into their ears for debris and possible problems. Even a few seconds of tolerance gets a treat and kind words. Run your hands over their body and legs. Let your pet know that accepting this makes you happy and treats will follow.

Now for the paws, a trouble spot for some. Teach your pet early to accept “holding hands” even if you aren’t trimming their nails. Touch them and give a reward. Doing these small training tips a few minutes a day will not only make your vet thank you, it will make your pet have a more pleasurable experience at their vet visits for the rest of their life.Puppy and Kitten