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Good Healthcare for Cats

Kitten with StethoscopeNo matter the age, personality, or breed, all of our kitty friends need good care to help them thrive. This month we will talk about what this means in our clinic, and next month we will talk about what this means at home.

At Packerland Veterinary Center:

  • Annual Wellness Exams- Cats are very good at masking how they feel, and this includes when they are feeling ill. Yearly exams help us establish what your cat's baselines are (heart rate, weight, gum color, lung sounds, etc.) so that when there are changes, we can identify them much quicker.
  • Diagnostic tests- Even if everything we see looks good on the outside, it can be hard to tell what is going on inside by feel and sound alone. Fecal exams, blood and urine tests, or even viral testing may be required depending on your cat's age and lifestyle.
  • Vaccinations- Even if your cat spends all of his/her time indoors, there can still be a risk for different preventable viral diseases. We can discuss this with you and develop a plan for your cat.
  • Parasite control- Cats, even indoor ones, can be targets for parasites such as fleas, intestinal worms, and heartworms. Again, we can discuss your cat's risk and the options to keep him/her protected from these pests.
  • Dental care- Cats are susceptible to dental and periodontal disease just like dogs and people. Yearly wellness exams help us to monitor your cat's oral health and make recommendations based on what we find.
  • Nutritional counseling- Knowing the type of food you're feeding, how often, and deciding your cat's body condition score will help us determine if adjustments are needed in your cat's feeding regimen. The goal is keeping him/her in the most healthy weight range to prevent future illness.

All of this starts with the yearly wellness exam. If your cat is stressed by car rides and clinic visits, please call us, there are things we can recommend to help make this a less stressful experience for all of you. If the cost of preventative care is an obstacle, we do have Assurance Plans that help to spread the cost of care out over a 12 month period.

Information modified from the American Association of Feline Practitioners, Kelly St. Denis, DVM, and Elisabeth Colleran, DVM.