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Importance of Feline Dewormer

Importance of Feline DewormerIf you are like most people, you may underestimate the need for dewormer in your indoor only kitty. This is an understandable misconception — how could kitty get worms if he sleeps on his pillow all day? Unfortunately it is more possible than you might realize. For instance, any potted plants that you may have in your house could be a source of roundworms. Almost 15% of all potting soils contain roundworm larvae, and if your kitty likes to play in the dirt, she could be getting infected with worms. If you have a dog in the house, your pooch could spread intestinal worms to your cat just by licking him after sniffing some infected poop outside. Roundworms can also be spread to people — children and the elderly are especially susceptible. The good news is that dewormer for cats comes in a topical liquid formulation that gets applied between the shoulderblades, so no pills that have to be forced down! We recommend yearly deworming for all cats, and this can be set up with just a phone call from you. If you have other questions about parasite control for your pets, just let us know!

You don't have to worry about loosing a limb with the dewormers available these days!