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Introducing Your Pet To A New Baby

Introducing New Pet to a BabyHaving a new baby can be an exciting and stressful time in your household. If you have a pet that has never been exposed to a baby, it is best to go slow and never leave your baby alone with your pet. There are some easy things to do that can help make the transition easier for everyone in the household.

• Let your pet check out the baby’s things when you get them, turn on toys, bouncy seats and swings

• Have your pet come into the nursery with you and see the changes that you are making

• After the baby is born, bring home a blanket or sleeper that the baby has been wrapped in so your pet can get used to the smell of the baby

• After you are home with the new addition, make sure to give your pet some quality time

• If your pet is sensitive to the crying, make sure there is an area that they can escape to that he/she feels comfortable

• Sometimes pets do not handle stress/changes well. If you know that you may have a problem, using Feliway or Adaptil pheromones can help reduce that stress. There are collars, spray, and diffusers available that last for one month. You can start them before baby is born and continue after until your pet has adjusted.

• We want this change in your life to have the least amount of stress possible for you and your pet, if you have any concerns please ask!