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Microchip Feeder

Hello. I want to talk to you today about microchip feeders and how much I love mine. A microchip feeder is designed to scan your pet’s chip or RFID tag. The feeder will only open for the pet(s) that it is programmed to. They are air tight so you don’t have to worry about food going stale, or bugs. I purchased a Sure Flap microchip pet feeder. Mine came with a standard bowl and a divided bowl if you want two types of food or canned and dry.

I’ve always fed my pets twice a day. I use to have two dogs and four cats for many years and needed three (at one point four) different cat foods. One was on a senior diet, one was on a thyroid diet, and the other two on adult food (until Jordan needed a urinary diet). I would feed them and watch them eat for 5-10 minutes until done, or start trying to dish hop. I’ll admit, watching them was not possible for every feeding. Sometimes I was running late and could not supervise.

I currently have two cats and one dog. My one cat Jordan is on a prescription urinary diet and cannot eat anything but that food. When I brought my kitten home (Daffodil) she was obviously on kitten food. Kittens need to be fed more often, and since I work a full-time job, I needed a solution. I heard about microchip feeders from HomeAgain because this feeder works with a HomeAgain microchip.

Now every morning I fill both of their feeders with their daily amount of food and I’m off. Jordan can’t get into Daffodil’s food and mess up her special diet, and Daffodil can graze on her food all day long.

The feeders are over $100.00 but I feel they were well worth the cost. I have peace of mind that my pets have food when they are hungry and that I’m feeding each cat their proper diet and following their veterinarian’s recommendations. Microchip feeder