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Preparing Your Pet for the Vet to Decrease Fear

Spring is a popular season to get new pets. When first acquiring the new member to the family, it is a great time to get them adjusted to the process that they will be encountering when they need to come in and visit the doctor. With patience, these tips and tricks can make their upcoming treatments less scary and more enjoyable.

1. Grasp each paw one at a time and raise it slightly off the ground and extend it in front of the pet
2. Same procedure as above, but add grasping each individual nail and very gently provide extension of the nail like one would do to trim a pets nails
3. Gently grasp the nose/mouth by the jaw and raise the head up to extend the neck
4. Raise each ear and gently place your finger in the ear canal and maybe even wipe with a dry/clean cotton ball. This will help with ear exams and possible cleanings.
5. Gently grasp the upper jaw in one hand and use one finger on the lower canines to open the mouth to help with administering pills in the future.
6. Gently manipulate all limbs in varying positions to simulate a physical exam.
7. Turn on a trimmer and apply the non‐cutting end onto the pet to acclimate them to the sound and vibration to help with future nail trimming
8. Bathe consistently, using a high value treat on the side of the tub/sink to help with future baths/grooming appointments sadieandcori