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Therapeutic (Cold) Laser Therapy

Therapeutic (Cold) Laser TherapyA therapeutic laser uses light in the red and infrared wavelengths to stimulate healing and relieve pain. It does this by affecting the body at a cellular level; it stimulates the cells to be more efficient, have greater energy potential, and improve cell regeneration (growth). This technology is used both in the Veterinary and human medicine, and is currently being used by many sports teams to help keep players healthy and heal them faster after injury.

Tissue stimulation at the cellular level allows the laser to treat a wide variety of conditions. When used post-operatively, the laser speeds healing and decreases pain and swelling. Acute injuries (sprains & strains) can be treated with laser therapy to decrease pain and swelling while also improving mobility.  The treatment of chronic conditions, such as arthritis, is also possible with laser therapy; allowing us to provide comfort and relief without the use of medications.

Therapeutic (Cold) Laser TherapyUses for Therapeutic (Cold) Laser Therapy include:
  • Post surgical pain relief and increased healing
  • Wound healing
  • Lacerations & Abrasions
  • Lick Granulomas
  • Anal gland issues
  • Ear infections & inflammation
  • Cystitis & Lower urinary tract disease
  • Arthritis or DJD (Degenerative Joint Disease)
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Gingivitis
  • Swelling & Edema
  • Sprain/Strain injuries
  • Hot Spots
  • Burns
The use of the Therapeutic Laser is a relatively quick and easy process.  Each patient receives a laser protocol specific to their size and ailment with most protocols taking anywhere from 2-10 minutes.  Patients need to sit (relatively) still as the technician slowly moves the laser hand piece around the treatment area.

We often will utilize treats, frozen baby food or peanut butter to aide in the distraction process.  As the laser administers its specified energy, the patient may feel some warmth in the area and is generally relaxed and comfortable.  

Different uses call for different protocols.  Some patients may need only one or two treatments, but many will need more consistent treatments over a specified time period to fully address a problem.  Each patient needs to be under the care of one of our veterinarians so the proper protocol can be established and then often our technicians can administer the needed treatments.  

If you are wondering whether Therapeutic Laser might be appropriate for your pet please ask!  We have seen some amazing results with many different uses and are happy to talk about its benefits!