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*** UPDATED – 12/03/2020 ***

With breaking news about COVID-19 constantly developing, we are continuously evaluating our business and operations during this difficult time. At Packerland, our goal continues to be providing the best care for our patients while keeping our clients and staff safe. We are committed to keeping our clinic open as long as we can continue to safely staff our facility, as well as comply with the CDC.

We are dedicated to offering a safe and healthy environment for our clients, their pets, and our staff. To do this we have implemented the following:

⚠ Our hours of operation will be Monday – Thursday 8:00 am - 6:00 pm, Fridays 8:00 am – 5:00 pm, and Saturdays 8:00 am – Noon. We will reevaluate the situation as needed.

⚠ For your safety and that of our staff, we are using a curbside and drop-off process for all veterinary care as well as medication and food pick-ups. Our process will be as follows:

  • Please call us when you are in the parking lot of the clinic for your pet’s scheduled appointment. 920-498-2808. You can also use the call button located next to the closest parking spot to the building to notify the staff of your arrival.
  • A staff member will meet you by your vehicle to bring your pet into the clinic for diagnosis and treatment. **Please have cats in a carrier and dog collars the appropriate tightness**
  • The doctor will communicate with you by phone for additional history, diagnostic and treatment recommendations.
  • Except for end-of-life care, clients will not have access to our facilities but are to stay on-site in their cars.
  • Scheduled drop-off pet visits can be made for exams, blood work or other testing. The same intake and discharge procedures detailed above will occur.
  • When picking up medications and food, drive up to the parking space closest to the front doors to use our call button. One of our staff members will then be able to communicate with you through the speaker and we can bring the items to your car. Alternatively, you can call us at 920-498-2808 and our staff can assist you curbside. We can also mail medications, or you can order from our online store at .
  • In order to minimize direct contact time, we can process payments over the phone to minimize cash and check transactions when possible.

⚠ Be considerate of others, especially those with compromised immune systems. If you or any family member is exhibiting signs of illness PLEASE RESCHEDULE your appointment. If you are ill and your pet must be seen due to severe illness or injury, please find an alternative person to bring your pet in. If you cannot find an alternative person, let us know prior to your appointment.

We thank you for your cooperation and understanding during this trying time. Please do not hesitate to call us with any questions. We’re here for you, your pets, and the community. We will continue to keep you informed as news and information becomes available.

Thank you,

The Staff at Packerland Veterinary Center